Southern Barbecue Catering

Real Southern BBQ catering

All orders include our Tangy Apple Cider Slaw, Dinner Rolls, Sweet Pickles, our Signature Sauces, disposable plates, cutlery and napkins.

Ask about Hors D’oeuvres created for your special event!

What is Real BBQ?

Generally, what is accepted by the majority of us northerners is cooking food fast and hot over a propane grill. This would be shunned upon by any true enthusiast! This is what we call grilling, not BBQ!

Real BBQ is a labor of love requiring skill, patience and most importantly, passion. This primal style of cooking is an event that brings together family, good friends, and friends to be.

The technique behind true BBQ is cooking food over hardwood and charcoal at a low temperature for many hours. The BBQ itself may be known as a pit, cooker, or a smoker.

After hour upon hour of patience, low heat and smoke, real BBQ produces a succulent piece of meat - arguably the most tender, juicy and delicious food on earth!

After much research and tasting a lot of great food, Blue Haze Barbecue is proud to offer what we feel is the best BBQ from each region of the South: Texas Brisket, Kansas City Ribs, Carolina Pork and much more.

Labor of Love

Tender, Juicy & Delicious

Whatever your taste buds desire, we will be sure to please.